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Condocean business plan

Here is Lasse Birk Olesen‘s entry for The Seasteading Institute’s Sink or Swim Business Plan Contest:

Condocean – a business plan for condominiums on the ocean

Some thoughts from the contest’s judges:

  • “The 15% cut seems rather high for just aggregating 50 individuals together.  Selling timeshares, so that the seastead constructer/operator doesn’t have to aggregate 2500 week-owners into 50 condos, seems like a much better justification.  Also, residential marketing would be done by Condocean, that should be part of the pitch (why it benefits the developer to outsource instead of selling individual condos itself).  Suggest building business plan around being a sales/marketing channel as well as aggregation (which together are definitely valuable).  ie Sales Director is a key staff role – thinking that buyers can just be found by word of mouth is naive, and if buyers are that easy to find, then the seastead developer doesn’t really need to outsource!”
  • “margins too low.  Costs per sf probabaly too low.  Have to raise prices.”
Posted by: julianleroux | 09/07/2013

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The Seasteading Institute has launched a survey of prospective seasteaders. Who would like to participate in a semi-anarcho-capitalist seasteading community?

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Earlier discussion at LibertyHQ forum

Back in February, I broached the VoluntShip concept on the LibertyHQ discussion forum (the successor to the now-defunct Mises Forums):

Seasteading & semi-anarcho-capitalist cruise ship community

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My name is Julian le Roux, and I would like to live in a semi-permanent intentional community of voluntaryists, based on a cruise ship that travels around the world. By flying a flag of convenience and spending most of its time in international waters, this ‘VoluntShip’ could experiment with free-market legal systems and provide a degree of individual liberty unattainable on land.

The idea of libertarian islands (floating or fixed) is nothing new, but there doesn’t appear to be any specific project that matches the above description (if there is, please enlighten me). I have no grandiose delusions that I will be instrumental in bringing such a project to fruition, or that it will happen within the next decade. This blog is simply a diary of my thoughts, efforts and experiences as I attempt to get on this envisioned voluntaryist vessel.

While this concept is clearly an example of an early seastead, it is not intended to be formally associated with or endorsed by The Seasteading Institute.  Neither is this blog, which is written in my personal capacity (even though I am one of the Institute’s volunteer ambassadors). Seasteading is frequently mischaracterized as being synonymous with “floating libertarian utopias”. In fact, seasteading is a broader philosophy that aims to increase competition and innovation within the global government industry. The VoluntShip would be focused on the more immediate goal of giving like-minded individuals the opportunity to live, work and interact in a very liberty-oriented environment.

P.S. I chose the word ‘VoluntShip’ partly because I think it sounds cool, and partly because a Google search indicated that it was completely new (at least on the Internet). Any worthwhile suggestions for a better name are welcome.